Saturday, 21 September 2013

Ashville Biltmore Estate Trip

Day 1
We all met at 403 and Dundas at 7:00am departed at 8:00am. We had formed two groups with Gary McDermott leading the first group with Don Hall as tail gunner (Peter was unable to be tail gunner as his CB was not working).The second group was lead by Jim Moore with Harold Craven as tail gunner. What a pleasure having Adrian and Helen in a vehicle behind the group to add reassurance in the event of a breakdown or incident. It was a cool morning and we rode hard to Fort Erie duty free where we met with Dave Mills. After crossing the boarder we rode and had our last Tim Horton's coffee at Springville. Lunch was at two different places at 11:00 and then we pulled in to the Holiday Inn Express in Johnstown. Had a great dinner next to the hotel and an early night.

Day 2
Everyone was up early with the bikes packed at 7:00am. We departed at 8:00am dressed for the cold early morning ride. We stopped for lunch with half eating at Bob Evans and the rest at Subway. Hwy 219 was very relaxing and at approximately 5:20pm we stopped at the Sleep Inn at Princeton WV. This would be our last ride on the 219 until the return trip.

Day 3
Again everyone was up with the bikes packed at 7:00am. After departing at 8:00am we rode the twisties for a while then rode what we were all anxious to ride, the 421 Snake. Poor Helen dropped a few stiches with all the turns. Everyone had a great time and we took plenty of pictures at Shady Valley General store. We continued to Ashville and checked in to the Hampton. There were a few mumbles of not being able to ride the twisties all the way to Ashville.

Day 4
9:00am kickstands up and we are off to the Biltmore Estate. The tour was great! Everyone loved it.The group spent the entire day at the Biltmore Estate and then returned to the Hampton. Poor Peter was unable to attend as he went to the Honda dealer and had his CB replaced.

 The ladies taking a break

                   The boys relaxing.   

Day 5
A nice early ride to Chimney Rock. To our shock upon arrival we learned that the elevator was out of service and the waterfall had no access due to a rain washout. We did not let this discourage us as we walked up a million flights of stairs to get to the top. If you notice the Flag was flying half-mast due to the Navy Yard Shooting September 16, 2013. After spending some time at Chimney Rock we headed for Gatlinburg. We were all taken by our accommodations at the Westgate. That evening we went to eat at Buba Gumps! What a fun time as it was Donna and Adrian's birthday. A few of us were taken at how expensive the beer glasses are....

Day 6
Great breakfast at the Pancake Pantry (even though Gary hates pancakes). Henny and Donna found their way by trolleys to the outlet mall in Pigeon Forge. Some explored Gatlinburg, while the rest of us went for an all day ride on the Tail of The Dragon and State Park. We said our goodbyes to Harold who headed north and Jack who headed south to Florida. When we all met again that night we went for Italian food and had great food and lots of laughs.

 Having fun at Deals Gap.

Day 7
Everyone up early 7:00am for a complimentary breakfast, thanks to Jim Moore's efforts with the staff at the River Terrace Resort. We departed at 9:00am on the Blue Ridge with some easy riding to Boone. Once at Boone the group went to a great Mexican restaurant where the food was outstanding.

Day 8
Departed the Sleep Inn after a continental breakfast and took the 241 to Mt Airy. The 241 was a beautiful road to ride. Had a nice lunch and took in the attractions of the quaint town where Andy of Mayberry was filmed. We then continued to the Quality Inn at Lewisburg which was a brilliant hotel with new beds. We went for dinner at Ruby Tuesday's.

This is what happens when you make too much noise in the Hotel Room!

Day 9
Departed at 8:00am rode for about a half hour and it rained, and rained, and rained. Did I mention it RAINED????? But this group was outstanding. Not one complaint! We stopped at a bakery for lunch and pushed on to Shanksville to observe the flight 93 memorial. Upon arrival at the memorial the entire group was soaking wet but was still emotionally moved with the exhibit. Dave Mills had decided to go ahead and wait for us at the Holiday Inn Express.

Day 10
This was a horrible day as it was the last day of our adventure! We all had such a great time and some excellent rides. It was sad when we parted our ways at the Duty Free at Fort Erie. Here are a few pictures which I think are GRAND!!!!!

Thank you all for a wonderful ride Chapter "Y"